PolygonalPunks are a set of 10,000 NFTs on the Polygon network. Future airdrops for holders and NFT yield farming coming. Mint your own unique tradable Punk for 44 MATIC.

King of the Hill
Current reward fund = ? MATIC
Mint a Punk to increase the reward fund by 22 MATIC and set your address as claimable. You can claim the entire reward fund after 24h if you are still the last to mint a Punk (no new mint), by clicking the "CLAIM REWARD" button.
Next Lottery Draw
Current lottery pot
Lottery draw countdown
Regular lottery draws at smaller milestones. Automatic entry for holders of PolygonalPunks NFTs.


Phase 1: Launch

• All punks can be minted for 44 Matic

• Paid advertising and promotions

• Opensea listing

• Twitter & Reddit giveaways

Phase 2: Utility

• Minting reward fund

• Regular lottery draws (with automatic entry for holders of PolygonalPunks NFTs)

• Think of your Punk as an access key. For each PolygonalPunk NFT you own, claim an NFT of new projects for free!

Phase 3: NFT yield farming

• Launch of gamified yield farm

• Airdrop for holders

• Special reward for original minting wallets of PolygonalPunks NFTs

Phase 4: Endgame

• Dividends for holders